Flamenco Guitarist Juan Antonio Suárez CANO

Closely related to the traditional gypsy roots of Extremadura and the art of flamenco, CANO was a part of this artistic manifestation from very early on. His natural talent, along with the years of training, make up his background for becoming a guitarist and composer.

Debuting in 1990 at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música along with dancer Flora Albaicín, he began a period during which he accompanied the greatest stars of flamenco dance: Manuela Carrasco, Merche Esmeralda, Belén Maya, Sara Baras, Niña Pastori, Javier Barón, Joaquín Grilo, Isabel Bayón, Andrés Marín, Rocío Molina, Rafaela Carrasco to name but a few…

Between 1995 and 1999 he composed musical works for stage director Francisco Suárez such as Plaza Alta "El sueño de los Gitanos ", Bodas de Sangre, Orestes en Lisboa, Romancero Gitano e Itaca. He also collaborated in Más Allá del Tiempo and Asimetrías by Andrés Marín and Abrazo which premiered in Irvine, Los Angeles.

His artistic projection has been corroborated with performances at prestigious concert venues in Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bali, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, China, Denmark, USA, Egypt, Scotland, The Philippines, Finland, France, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Hong Kong, Ireland, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Japan, Lebannon, Morocco, Moscow, Namibia, Portugal, UK, Singapore, Syria and Taiwan.

Cano also participated in the following international festivals:

  • IV Festival Internacional de la Biodiversidad 2003 Castellón (Spain)
  • Festival for Culture and the Arts 2004 Manila (Philipines)
  • I Spanish Music Festival 2005 Guangzhou (China)
  • Spring Early Music Festival 2006 Melbourne (Australia)
  • XII Festival Internacional de Flamenco de Berlín 2007 Berlin (Germany)
  • Festival de los Reales Alcázares 2008 Sevilla (Spain)
  • The Discovery of Spain, National Gallery of Scotland 2009 Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Jazzy Koum Ben International Festival 2010 Bamako (Mali)

Cano has appeared in theaters throughout the world, and composed for major flamenco works. He has also recorded with prestigious artists such as singer Rafael Jiménez “Falo” on “Cante Gitano”; with the great guitarist and composer Gerardo Núñez on “La Nueva Escuela de Guitarra Flamenca” and on “Epitome”. This non-stop creative activity led to the recording of his first album “Son de Ayer” in 2008.

With this album he has performed at prestigious venues and festivals such as Madrid’s Teatro Español, the Jueves Flamencos of the Monte in Seville and the Festival de Jerez among others.

In 2010 he released his second album, Flamenco Crossover.

Also noteworthy is his recording with the renowned director Carlos Saura for the documentary “Flamenco Flamenco”.

Cano Guitar2011 saw the release of the live CD and DVD, Diana Navarro, Flamenco, recorded at the Teatro Quintero in Seville, which was awarded a Gold Disc.

Cano has received excellent reviews from the most important musical publications and international dailies such as The New York Times (USA), Le Figaro (France), Cebú Daily News (The Philippines), El País y El Correo de Sevilla (Spain), and also in the specialist online magazines: and amongst others.